Tree Radar



TreeRadar©is a specialist ground penetrating radar which picks up tree roots without
needing to dig up the ground. The results show root* location and depth along scan lines,
presented in a series of ‘top down’ views (to scale) and a ‘virtual trench’. The results
can then be imported in to CAD if required.

Understanding where the roots are enables sustainable design of foundations, utilities,
and hard surfacing. The root density is also an indication of tree health and stability.

Ian Lee is now handling all tree radar enquiries via his new company Tree Radar UK. Please contact him here.

Research and Development
In 2016, we carried out ground-truthing experiments in collaboration with Lloyd Bore, (Canterbury) and Terra Nostra, (Holland), to further develop the software. The report is now available to view here.

*live roots with a diameter greater than 20mm