Sharon BBC 1, Tree Radar, Monday October 5th

Rip-Off Britain

Sharon recently advised on ‘what did what’ to effect a crack in a wall. A five year battle has been raging….can she shed some light on it with the ground breaking equipment? Following hard on the heels of the recent ‘Britain Beneath Your Feet’ series where Sharon revealed the rooting environment of one of the Burghley oaks, tune in and find out what Britain’s favourite tree lady makes of the latest challenge, originally aired on Monday, October 5th, BBC1, Rip-Off Britain, (and now on BBC IPlayer), with ‘our Gloria’, Julia, and Angela.

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‘Who, or what, dunnit?’ Airdate for ‘Rip-Off Britain’ Tree Radar announced

Airdate for BBC’s ‘Rip-Off Britain’ Tree Radar spot announced

Sharon Hosegood Associates Tree Radar





Following on from the successful ‘Britain Beneath Your Feet’ series, in which Sharon
demonstrated the Tree Radar technology to Dallas Campbell at Burghley Country Park,
Lincolnshire, the BBC were in touch again with Britains ‘Tree Lady’ to pick her brains on the
slightly more ‘whodunnit‘ nature of our life with trees, that of the sometimes uncomfortable
relationship between trees and concrete, namely, subsidence.  Tree radar was requested by
the production team to investigate the role that a particular street tree in Essex may have been
playing in relation to a crack in a property owners garden wall, which was causing some consternation.

After a long, 10 hour shoot, Sharon was thoroughly exhausted but happy with her findings.
But were the owners, and will we find out whodunit?
Tune in or set the timer for Monday, October 5th, at 9.15am.