COVID 19 – SHA Strategy and how we can help you

How we can help through the COVID 19 crisis.

At SHA we are committed to ensuring the health and safety of our surveyors, and during the present health crisis, have to advise potential clients and long-standing ones too, that we will not be going to site to survey ANY jobs until the Government deems it safe to do so.

We wholeheartedly support the magnificent work our NHS does, and believe that it is not what happens when we get to site that may be an issue, but what could happen before and after a site visit in terms of unforeseen accidents, which would put another burden on an already stretched health service. Please see some guidance from the Institute of Chartered Foresters which covers our industry, and this epidemic in-particular, via this link.

We are able to offer a virtual service however. This will include detailed planning and legal searches, and assessment of all available site images which, coupled with a vast local knowledge of policy, practices and landscape information, could help you in your decision making process, whether it be private client or construction company.

The SHA office is open and normal administrative practises are still being undertaken, please call Sharon on 01245 210420.

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