Burghley Tree Radar….More than a 3 day event…………

Tree Radar investigation…..Burghley Oak…..Sharon and Ian return.


Following the 2015 visit to the Burghley Estate in Lincolnshire with the BBC and Dallas Campbell, Sharon returned at the request of the Ancient Tree Forum to scan the tree again, this time, going out to the full 24 metre radius of the root protection area.

The trip has been made into a film which will be available to view from w/c 4th April.





New Radar affiliation announced with Lloyd Bore

Lloyd Bore On Board As SHA Gets Back On The Radar

We are absolutely delighted to be able to announce our new affiliation with Lloyd Bore Landscape and Ecology Services, based in Canterbury. Sharon was contacted by long-term friend and one-time colleague Ian Lee, a very respected arboriculturist, with the news that Lloyd Bore were purchasing the latest Tree Radar equipment, making them the first in the UK with the upgrade. With the news that Gary Raffel below, of Dynamic Tree Systems based in Bloomfield, New York, was arriving to conduct the training on the new equipment, we met up and discovered that, over three days of training, many improvements have been made to the software application, not least the replacement of the old computer module replaced with a tablet (and wireless, to boot), whilst we also introduced Gary to some English pleasantries, which included a ‘pub’ which was older than America, on a street which was also older than America. Thanks Gary for taking that in the spirit in which it was intended!

Gary adjusts his tartan Tam’o’Shanter before demonstrating the new equipment
for the first time ever on UK soil

 Gary Raffel


Lloyd Bore, in association with SHA, is keen to offer this improved version of the equipment to as many clients as possible. Having worked with Ian on the earlier version, the doors of Lloyd Bore were opened to SHA in December for a detailed run through which everybody thoroughly enjoyed.
It would be fair to assume that the ‘Queen of the well-heeled arbs’ had a lovely time, and is working with the new equipment in liaison with Lloyd Bore, and thoroughly looking forward to the new setup, whilst also helping in the CPD of another arboriculturist consultant, Jo, who is learning the technology.
To say nothing of the fact that Canterbury is a damn site nearer haute-couture in Paris than Chelmsford is.


Sharon BBC 1, Tree Radar, Monday October 5th

Rip-Off Britain

Sharon recently advised on ‘what did what’ to effect a crack in a wall. A five year battle has been raging….can she shed some light on it with the ground breaking equipment? Following hard on the heels of the recent ‘Britain Beneath Your Feet’ series where Sharon revealed the rooting environment of one of the Burghley oaks, tune in and find out what Britain’s favourite tree lady makes of the latest challenge, originally aired on Monday, October 5th, BBC1, Rip-Off Britain, (and now on BBC IPlayer), with ‘our Gloria’, Julia, and Angela.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 10.11.17


Britain Beneath Your Feet, BBC 1 July 2 8pm

They say timing is everything. And so it is  tonight, when Dallas and Sharon discuss the 440 year old oak which she subjects to a tree radar investigation in Britain Beneath Your Feet, BBC 1, 8pm.

This time slot means that Wimbledon has finished live coverage, dinner will be decently over and digested, and the chaise-longue will beckon you for a one hour investigation into all that goes on underground.

Even if, (which I’ll allow), you put it on the planner, or you record it via whatever technology you may have, it should be a great watch.

You’ll never look at the ground around your trees in the same way again.

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 10.56.54


Sharon scheduled for prime-time TV and a bit of ‘Radar Love’


Dallas Campbell and the BBC team at ‘Britain Beneath Your Feet’ have let us know the airdate for the program in which Sharon extols the virtues of TreeRadar, shot at Burghley House, the annual home for the Burghley International Horse Trials, and the actual home of Miranda Rock, her husband, and four children. To quote from the BBC description of the 1 hour show:-

‘This series is a unique view of Britain – from below. In this first of two programmes, Dallas Campbell reveals why we can only understand the familiar world around us by discovering the hidden wonders beneath our feet. Breathtaking computer graphics strip away the earth to lay bare this secret world that’s rarely explored.

Dallas finds out how the Shard of London – the tallest skyscraper in Western Europe – stays standing on soft clay. He canoes along a secret river under the city of Bristol and discovers why Edinburgh was sited on an ancient volcano. Exploring the natural world, he abseils down an underground waterfall higher than Niagara. And beneath one of the nation’s oldest oak trees, he discovers a vast root system that’s wider and more intricate than its branches’.


           tree-radar2-228x160   IMG_7356-228x160

After a typical 12 hour shoot, Sharon was clearly happy to have been able to analyse the radar results after the scan, ready to interview to camera, although the software did not want to play ball at one point; the picture above right is the place  she now goes to in her mind when she has a big problem – in this case, and with a seemingly insurmountable software glitch to deal with, another half an hour and the light would have gone and the shoot would have failed. Now, she goes back to ‘The log at Burghley’. Her un-failing ability to solve the problem at hand came to the fore again, and the BBC are thrilled with the arboricultural part of the programme.
But don’t just take it from us, watch on July 2nd, at 8pm, BBC, Britain Beneath Your Feet, and see why Sharon has built a career around the solution of problems in her own unique way, and saved companies such a lot of heartache……

See the BBC page here