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  • Silvija Krajter Ostoic Croatian Forest Social Science
    Silvija discusses her forest social science study on how people engage with green spaces.  For more episodes in the Tree Lady Talks Archive click here.
  • Dallas Campbell - Who is out there? Chatting about Science communication and Space!
    Dallas Campbell, a science communicator and television presenter, discusses his early life, career in television, and fascination with space exploration. He reminisces about past collaborations and the creation of the TV program Britain Beneath Your Feet. Dallas emphasizes the importance of popularizing science and making it accessible to the general public. He also explores the […]
  • Jim Mulholland - A year in the life of a bat
    Jim is an ecologist and arboriculturist, specialising in veteran trees and bats. Jim is the director of Bats Research & Training, where he helps professionals train for a bat licence. When he is not running the business he works for the Vincent Wildlife Trust, as a senior bat conservation officer.Jim’s current research interests include; improving […]

Naomi Zurcher – Beetle Busting Bronx Style – And more!

In this episode, Naomi explains the path her career took when a career in dance was set aside for a chance to work in arboriculture.  She explains:-

Growing up in Bronx NY and studying dance and music throughout my formative years, I would never have imagined the professional life realized.

 I studied Botany, Horticulture, Landscape Design, but nothing fit until my first hike in the Catskills (NY) Forever Wild forest. My tree journey led me to the developing world of Urban Forestry studies and a relationship with Federal and State Urban Foresters, enabling me to 

   • co-author the Federal ReLeaf U&CF program for NY State; implement /chair the program in NYC;

   • author Recommendations for an Urban Forest Management Plan;

   • coordinate international and local educational conferences, seminars and workshops for 

      professionals and concerned citizens;

   • develop/ initiate informed stewardship/ citizen science opportunities for concerned NY 

      residents, e.g. the Asian Longhorned Beetle NYC Public Outreach program (Federally-funded).

 I became a Certified Arborist in 1996, working as a Consulting Arborist, specializing in reviewing/ editing/ authoring Tree/ Landscape Preservation/ Protection specifications for large public infrastructure projects, developing a “Building WITH Trees” approach to design and build.

 I co-organized and chaired NYC Root Zone, a 501-c-3, authoring publications and providing informal educational opportunities for landscape professionals. I am now semi-retired, living in Luzern Switzerland and working to enhance and advance European Urban Forestry through 

   • contributions to COST projects;

   • the Swiss federally funded Climate Change Adaptation project;

   • implementation of i-Tree as an i-Tree team affiliate member;

   • European Forum on Urban Forestry steering committee membership.

Carbon Offsetting

For the past 22 years, as Director of Business Development, Joh Stulen's Innovatek team has delivered business improvement services through WoodWORKS and Forest Industry Engineering Association. FIEA is the leading provider of technology transfer to forest and wood products sectors in Australasia.  The group has developed over 200 international forest and wood technology conferences in New Zealand, Australia and North America.

Sean Weaver is founder and CEO of Ekos – an environmental financing consulting business focusing on indigenous forest carbon projects and zero carbon certification for organisations and products. He is an international expert in indigenous forest carbon, carbon markets and market-based mechanisms for environmental and climate financing. He is a forest carbon consultant to national and local governments (NZ and the Pacific Islands), multilateral banks (World Bank, African Development Bank), international agencies (UNDP, SPREP) small medium and large businesses/corporations. A former senior lecturer in Environmental Studies at Victoria University of Wellington. He has a PhD in Forestry, and is based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

For news of the 2021 event click here

The Barn Club – Robert Somerville

Barn Club is an inspiring tale of craft, nature, landscape and community.

 When life-long craftsman Robert Somerville moved to Hertfordshire from Devon, he discovered an unexpected landscape rich with wildlife and particularly elm trees. Nestled within London’s commuter belt, the wooded rolling hills inspired Robert, a lifelong woodworker, to revive the ancient tradition of hand-raising barns.

 Barn Club follows the building of Carley Barn, over the course of one year. Volunteers from all walks of life joined Robert’s barn club, inspired to learn this ancient skill of building by hand, at its own quiet pace and in the company of others.