Eindhoven Tree Radar Ground Truthing

Trip to Eindhoven produces results

The recent trip to Eindhoven with Ian Lee of Lloyd Bore to meet with Michiel Mol, of Terra Nostra, was a resounding success. Ground truthing experiments with the new software release for the Tree Radar unit allowed Sharon and Ian Lee to determine what we get from the unit, and the results confirmed what they both hoped. Click here to view the report. A film of the work is below.


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Britain Beneath Your Feet, BBC 1 July 2 8pm

They say timing is everything. And so it is  tonight, when Dallas and Sharon discuss the 440 year old oak which she subjects to a tree radar investigation in Britain Beneath Your Feet, BBC 1, 8pm.

This time slot means that Wimbledon has finished live coverage, dinner will be decently over and digested, and the chaise-longue will beckon you for a one hour investigation into all that goes on underground.

Even if, (which I’ll allow), you put it on the planner, or you record it via whatever technology you may have, it should be a great watch.

You’ll never look at the ground around your trees in the same way again.

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Hosegood destined for ‘The Axe’ in Spring, 2015

Ok, don’t panic, all is not what it seems. Sharon has been waxing lyrical about the relationship between tree officers and arboricultural consultants, and the article can be seen in the Spring edition of ‘The Axe’ magazine, produced by the well known arb, ‘Mac’.


Through the article she explains, via a hypothetical situation, this relationship as she has experienced it in her career in the business, and provides an insight into ways where improvements in both sides understanding of the other’s requirements could be made.



 Extracts re-produced by kind permission of Ian MacDermott.