Nadina Galle – The Nature of Our Cities

The conversation covers various topics related to urban ecology and the importance of nature in cities. It touches on personal experiences, the role of technology in enhancing urban greenery, and the challenges faced by urban foresters. The guests discuss the need for better data collection and mapping of trees, as well as the importance of community engagement and policy changes to protect and enhance urban nature. In this conversation, Nadina Galle discusses the importance of preserving trees on private land and the challenges of implementing tree ordinances. She also highlights the efforts of Matt Wells in Santa Monica to increase canopy cover and advocate for a private tree ordinance. The conversation then shifts to the role of technology in urban forestry, including the use of high-resolution satellite imagery to map trees on private land and the development of the Burnbot firefighting robot. The discussion also touches on the impact of climate change, the importance of nature in cities, and the use of technology to engage people with urban nature through apps and immersive experiences. The conversation concludes with a reflection on the potential benefits of a daily dose of nature and the importance of reconnecting with the natural world. It’s your last week to pre-order and join THE NATURE OF OUR CITIES summer book club. You'll find all the details here: 

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