Patrick Worms, Senior Science Policy Advisor, CIFOR-ICRAF

This week Sharon speaks to Patrick Worms, President, IUAF – the International Union of Agroforestry

Vice-President, EURAF – the European Agroforestry Federation

Trustee, Savanna Institute

Senior Fellow, EGA – the Evergreening Global Alliance

Steering Committee Member, ILLP – Initiatives for Land, Lives and Peace
 Advisor, EJP Soils – European Joint Programme Soils

Advisor, ERC – Ecosystem Restoration Camps

Executive Committee, IPC – International Poplar Commission, FAO

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Professor Lynne Boddy talks Fungi

Lynne Boddy is Professor of Fungal Ecology at Cardiff University UK. She has taught and researched into the ecology of fungi associated with trees and wood decomposition for 45 years. Her research focuses on understanding how fungal mycelia behave in the natural world, climate change effects on fungi, antagonistic interactions between fungi, and development of fungal communities in wood. She is currently studying the fascinating communities of fungi and other organisms that rot the centres of old trees. She is a prolific author having co-authored “Fungal Decomposition of Wood” and “The Fungi”, her most recent (2021) being “Fungi and Trees: their Complex Relationships”, and the children’s book “Humongous Fungus”. She was (2009–2010) president of the British Mycological Society. Lynne is an ardent communicator of the mysteries and importance of the amazing hidden Kingdom of Fungi to the general public including TV, radio, popular talks, videos, articles and exhibitions. She was awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list in 2019 for Services to Mycology and Science Outreach.

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Catherine Nuttgens – The Woodland Trust

Catherine Nuttgens is the Urban Programme Lead for the Woodland Trust.  She has a project management background connecting people to nature and landscape; as well as working in arboriculture in the urban environment. Her work has had themes such as tree equity, landscape heritage, ancient woodland, heritage crafts, outdoor play and forest schools. She was also tree officer for Sheffield City Council for a number of years which covered all aspects of tree risk management and trees in relation to planning.

 Catherine Nuttgens | LinkedIn


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Ben Seamark – Arboriculture in Australia

Ben is Co-Founder of Forestree, the new generation of Tree Management purpose built for Local Government. Here he talks to Sharon about all things arb in Australia.  Click here for the link to his talk at TreeNet whilst he worked for the City of Burnside – all about innovation in urban forestry.  Treenet is a National non-for-profit organisation here in Australia that does wonderful work promoting the benefits of trees and brings researchers together with practitioners.

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