Tristan Gooley – How To Read A Tree

Sharon had a very enlightening chat with Tristan Gooley about his latest book, How To Read A Tree, of which, a description from the man himself, below.

In How to Read a Tree, you’ll discover the simple principles that explain the shapes and patterns you can see in trees and what they mean. And you’ll learn rare skills that can be applied every time you pass a tree, whether you are in a town or a wilder spot.

Tristan Gooley Website

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How to Read a Tree – A Sunday Times Bestseller – More info

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Fallen and Felled – Re-using London’s Felled Timber Stock

Listen to Sharon talking to Fallen & Felled founders Bruce Saunders and Patrick Welsh as they set about making beautiful items from London's fallen timber – to quote from their website:-

'We save city trees from the fire – milling them into boards and slowly seasoning them for over 12 months – to transform them into furniture-grade hardwood timber. We also source some popular English species – including oak and ash which are less common in the capital – from woodlands outside London. 

Our timber is used by furniture makers, architects, designers and enthusiasts – all of them as excited as we are to make things with beautiful natural materials which reconnect people to where they live.'

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