The AA Conference 2022

This years conference was held at Loughborough, and the podcast contains contributions from Jill Butler, Ted Green, Russell Horsey, Keith Sacre and more, in roving interview style by The Tree Lady, Sharon Durdant-Hollamby.  See more about getting involved in the industry at the arboricultural association website

Also interviewed was Mark Brays, Oklahoma Forestry Service Officer, describes the Survivor Tree after the Oklahoma bombing in 1995.

John Gathright from Japan talked about his work helping children climb trees – more here at his website.

Russell Ball discussed his work for Fund For Trees

This podcast is also available on our Youtube Channel, SHA Sharon Hosegood Associates

Diseases of the London Plane tree

This weeks podcast features Jim Chambers  from Tim Moya Associates talking to Sharon about the diseases that affect London Planes, including Neofusicoccum parvum, Inonotus hispidus, and massaria, to name but 3.  Also available on the youtube channel SHA Sharon Hosegood Associates, with photos describing what Jim has found out, 

Matt Wells

Matthew Wells is the Public Landscape Manager for the coastal City of Santa Monica in Southern California. Santa Monica strives to be a beacon of sustainable local government. Prior to this role, Matthew served as the Director of Tree Preservation for NYC Parks, an Arboricultural Officer for the London Borough of Camden, and a Tree Surgeon in his local English village. As a Chartered Forester with a master’s degree in Arboriculture & Urban Forestry, he has a unique international experience of urban forestry. Matthew has presented at conferences globally and is passionate about research driven resource management.  

The Tree Thieves

Lyndsie Bourgon, author, oral historian, and 2018 National Geographic Explorer chats to Sharon about her new book, the Tree Thieves, which covers the subject of timber poaching.

The book follows cases of redwood burl theft and maple and cedar poaching, and then branches out to consider the global timber trade and work being done by the US Fish & Wildlife Service and Forest Service to keep up with wide scale poaching