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  • Michelle Ryan - Women In Arb - Soundbite
    Michelle Ryan, Chair of the Arboricultural Association, talks to Sharon for this episode of Women in Arb. 
  • Women In Arb Soundbite with Claire Harbinson
    This is a taster of a long documentary entirely featuring women who are working in the arboricultural industry - tree surgeon, tree officer, arboricultural consultants, a career-changer,  a technical specialist, and the Chair of the Arboricultural Association. And it's all conducted in a virtual coffee shop.  
  • Naomi Zurcher - Beetle Busting Bronx Style - And more!
    In this episode, Naomi explains the path her career took when a career in dance was set aside for a chance to work in arboriculture.  She explains:-Growing up in Bronx NY and studying dance and music throughout my formative years, I would never have imagined the professional life realized. I studied Botany, Horticulture, Landscape Design, but […]