The Highlights Show, Season One

Picture the scene.

During lockdown, Noel enters an empty restaurant, empty but for restaurant tables upon which are television monitors of many interviews streaming on a loop, and on the far wall, banks of speaker systems. The 'Culture' bart has been set up with virtual drinks and a special 'Literary Corner' for readings from some of the authors involved in Season 1, again via TV monitors.
However, tonight Noel, although he doesn't know it, is walking into a trap. Thinking he has engineered a huge suprise for the Tree Lady Talks host, his wife Sharon, he is unaware that she has actually turned the tables on him, and he will be doing the hosting instead whilst she mingles with the monitors and generally has a good time!
The Master of Ceromonies awaits their arrival – hopefully he can busk his way through the evening and link up the highlights which include contributions from John Parker of the Arboricultural Association, Jon Ryan LBI, Richard Collins, Darren Morcroft, John Tucker, Punam Krishan and many more.

Will he pull it off? Tune in to find out!