Establishing The Future Urban Landscape with Howard Gray, Green Blue Urban

Howard Gray is the PR & Specification Consultant at Green Blue Urban

Howard spends much of his time travelling the country. He carries out CPD presentations and site visits to assist contractors with their tree planting projects ensuring GreenBlue benefits are understood and his enthusiasm for this is legendary.

With nearly 40 years of experience planting trees in urban settings, he is committed to seeing every tree getting the best possible opportunity to attain its potential.

Jonathan Drori CBE – Around The World In Eighty Trees

The Tree Lady talks to Jonathan Drori CBE about his book 'Around The World In 80 Trees'. Here is a snip from his CV:-

An experienced chairman, trustee and adviser, Jon helps organisations to develop strategy, drive performance and engage new audiences with services that they'll value. He is unusual in bridging disparate fields; public engagement and outreach, education, governance, technology, media, science and culture, and in being able to make valuable, senior connections across them.

Global Tree Health 2 Henry Kuppen

Henry Kuppen, Director Terra Nostra,  Knowledge Centre for Trees and Soils.

Henry Kuppen is an arboricultural consultant from the Netherlands. He started his education in forestry and began his professional career as a tree surgeon at Copijn Tree Surgeons in 1983. In 1989 he won the Dutch national tree climbing championship, and in 1994 he started his own arboricultural company in the south of the Netherlands . Based on his passion for culture influenced pleached tree monuments he then also started a pleached tree nursery.
Here he talks to Sharon about tree pests and disease management in the  Netherlands, and this has bought fresh thinking on new landscape design. They also discuss the wonderful Linden squares!  Read his full biography here.