Xander Johnston soundbite

Xander Johnston, 'Ant Boy' as he is known to Countryfile, Springwatch and Autumnwatch viewers, talks about all things Ants to Tree Lady Talks, as part of a double header with Vikki Bengtsson who discusses veteran trees and ecology.

Vikki Bengtsson soundbite

Vikki Bengtsson discusses veteran trees and ecology to Tree Lady Talks as part of this double-header, leading into Xander Johnston, 'Ant Boy' talking about all things Ants! 

Nature Based Solutions Soundbite: Johan Ostberg

Johan discusses how we can make sure nature is in the heart of our urban areas with colleague Cecil Konijnendijk. Here's his soundbite.

Johan Östberg is an associate professor at the Department of Landscape Architecture, at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Alnarp, where he´s been working since 2007. Johan has a M.Sc. in Landscape Planning from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (2008), a PhD in Landscape Planning also from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (2013) and has been working as a researcher and teacher since 2014. 

Apart from his academic career he is also and ISA Certified Arborist and active as a consultant, where he is running a consultant networking comprising of consultants from a different profession, working together to create management plans for larger tree populations in Sweden. 


Nature Based Solutions Soundbite: Cecil Konijnendijk.

Cecil discusses how we can make sure nature is in the heart of our urban areas with colleague Johan Ostberg. Here's his soundbite. 

Cecil Konijnendijk has been an urban forestry researcher, educator, advisor, and speaker for over 25 years. His passion has taken him to different parts of the globe. Cecil’s publications have included books such as ‘The Forest and the City: the cultural landscape of urban woodland’ and the Routledge Handbook of Urban Forestry. He co-founded the scientific journal ‘Urban Forestry & Urban Greening’ and was also a key force behind the annual European Forum on Urban Forestry. Since 2016 has been a professor of urban forestry at the University of British Columbia, Canada. This summer he relocated to Barcelona and set up the Nature Based Solutions Institute together with Johan Östberg 

The Mental Health Special Soundbite

Featuring three specialists and including contributions from members of the public:-

  • Matilda Van Den Bosch, a trained physician and a PhD in landscape planning and public health. Currently, she is an assistant professor at The University of British Columbia in Canada with a joint appointment between the Faculties of Medicine and Forestry. She is the primary editor of the Oxford Textbook of Nature and Public Health, published by the Oxford University Press in 2018
  • Dr Punam Krishan, doctor, life coach and writer currently working as an NHS GP in Glasgow.  Senior clerical lecturer at the University of Glasgow. Trustee and Glasgow regional director for the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine.
  • Clare Olver, Programmes Manager,Mersey Forest. Clare has been involved in land management for over 25 years, and having worked previously in the private sector, has wide-ranging experience of strategic land regeneration. Clare has an extensive knowledge of partnerships, organisations and landowners across North West England, and is a key player in delivery of the Northern Forest.