What we did at Chelsea. 1. Sharon

Naturally a ladies-eye view of what to do in the grounds of the Royal Brompton Hospital are slightly different (but not always) to those of men. And so it was that the new elected VP of the ICF was drawn to the Chelsea Flower Show 2019, attiring herself in an outfit that would give the flowers and assorted presenters a good run for their money. A quick divert down the Old Kings Rd, and a skirt festooned with flowers was all ready to enter the fray. With Compton the faithful SHA Retriever faithfully parked outside in the 'Retriever Parking Only' spot (dress code order for this one thank you), she made her way with some dispatch to the 'Resilience Garden', put together by the Forestry Commission, where she was met by Steve Scott, Area Director.  After a quick catch up, she found herself behind the cordon and halfway up the grain silo, gazing across the site before being asked to leave by Steve, for the reason that the skirt was, apparently, outdoing the flowers.