2018 ……and all that! Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to you all, from Sharon, Noel, and Ian at SHA!

It's been the most intense year so far, with challenging situations requiring unique solutions occurring  at least once a week. The TreeRadar has been working overtime, and software updates have continued to help improve our understanding of tree rooting, which in turn improves our recommendations and informs our clients in a more beneficial way than ever. More research and development, spearheaded by SHA, will involve a summit in Florence, Italy, this summer, with tree radar users coming from all over the world to meet and share their experiences.  Noel naturally can't wait to go, (he's always loved the Magic Roundabout).

Community engagement was very busy this year, with Sharon engaging schools for tree planting on two major sites, and at Erith Quarry, a huge development project (in which SHA oversaw three disciplines), resulted in construction companies Andersons and L&Q picking up Regeneration Project of the Year at the London Construction Awards. There was also a general uptake in outreach to groups otherwise not au-fait with the business of 'trees'.

Public speaking began with Ian and Sharon presenting at the ICF National Conference, and was rounded off with presentations at the Annual Arboriculture Summit in Hong Kong, organised by Don Picker, in November, whilst planning permissions for two flagship sites were achieved, representing a testament to the level of quality of consultants involved.

CAVAT moved up a gear as we hosted a training day on the subject, with creator Chris Neilan, at our old offices at Old Park Farm, Chelmsford. A buffet lunch was provided, along with a powerpoint presentation in the afternoon session, attended by consultants from all over the country.  More are planned for 2019.

MEDIA was never far away as in April Springwatch filmed our investigation of the Major Oak Tree Radar  for inclusion as a clip on the programme. The in-house production of the film has been re-edited to include a voice over and a new score. A Portrait of the Tree, an exhibition of photographs by Adrian Houston, also requested Sharon to give her choice to be included in the show which premiered at Unit, Londons premiere new gallery in Hanover Square, and it also included an interview with Yvonne Alexander, of JetTV, who is making a short film of the event, and people involved. Watch the Joanna Lumley clip here.

Message for 2019? Well if there is one, it is to get the message out there more.

Sharon Hosegood Presenting