Charity begins at (a company who builds other peoples) homes

Shaorn relaxes on yard 200 of the 2015 Anderson Charity Ride.

Charity Call-eth

Due to a 3 hour gap in the workload, Sharon has agreed to give a helping hand to Anderson Group Chelmsford on their sponsored bike ride. She would love her friends to help her raise money, and says.......

'Being so busy all the time means that I never have a chance to have a day off, and that includes Saturday, and so the only way I can have a bit of time to myself is by doing charity work, which normally me...ans I have to circumnavigate the earth or absail down a tall building dressed as a chocolate muffin, and so it is to prove in June, when I am pedelling for all I’m worth 55 miles from Chelmsford to Chelmsford. If, on completion, I  don’t find myself back at the office (in Chelmsford), I will have succeeded.'

Please see below for details, and thanks for your donation.

Sharon Hosegood logs in to ride in 2015.
Noel Durdant-Hollamby preparing to lend his apparatus........

In a sudden burst of charitable out-pouring, Noel has donated his bike, Sammy, as old dependable Claude Butler ,king of bikes, has retired.