25 years ago. What were you looking like?

The ’90s. Oh, the fashion.

25 years ago, it was 1991. Heady days of brick sized mobile phones, Michael Jackson singing ‘Black or White’, and certain arborists displaying hair that may have just fallen through from the 1980’s, which as we all know, was the decade of ‘the good pop record’.

With this in mind, we came across a nice archive picture of Sharon whilst planting a woodland at Tolleshunt Knights Recreation Ground, Essex, circa 1991, in what looks to be the latest in a long line of Christmas jumpers.


On returning 25 years later, it was good to see that the wood had filled itself out very nicely. It has survived and flourished, and Sharon is naturally very proud of what was one of her first planting schemes.

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Noel was asked to add some of his own archive pics, but frankly, nobody wants to see examples of his hair or dress-sense in 1991.