Hampstead Heath OAKs – how ‘AOK’ are they?

Hampstead Heath welcomes Ian and Sharon to examine 4 Oaks

On Tuesday the 3rd May, Sharon and Ian arrived at the venerable setting (and postcode) which enables Londoners to wonder at all things green all year round.

David Humphries and the team at Hampstead Heath wanted the Tree Radar unit to examine 4 oaks after a failure of one near a footpath on the Heath, and so Ian and Sharon duly obliged at 9am, and were afforded fantastic hospitality by all of the Hampstead Heath Arb team, for which we were all very grateful.

Hampstead Heath cruiser

At 10am, members of the LTOA arrived for a demonstration of radar, and whilst Sharon described what was going to occur, Ian set the unit up, against a backdrop of the London skyline which currently adorns the LTOA website logo. More to come, including a short film of the day, soon. (One day we may get to examine Sevenoaks, which is where this particular reporter hails from).

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