Posts to return after blog mishap

‘Bad Migration’ cited as blog posts return to website

Following a ‘bad’ migration of our hosting company to its UK address, you may have noticed that our blog posts stopped in May 2015. This is a shame, as we’ve been blogging some great stuff since the company started until March 24th.

Anyhoo, love it or hate it ( I currently don’t exactly ‘like‘ it), t’internet is here to stay, and posts will return from today, starting with the great trip we made to Holland where we met the equivalent of the hungriest friendly elephant you’ve ever seen. And I’m not talking about Ian Lee, the talented senior arb at Lloyd Bore, who joined us in Eindhoven with Michiel Mol. I refer to the ground sucking machine, seen pictured on the Eindhoven post.

The Eindhoven report is included to view in the post, and the film of the trip, of which a trailer is inserted, will be coming soon. Another trip is currently in the planning stage.

Apologies for the glitch.  If you require any info on blogs past, please get in touch.