The truth is out there……(or under there, to be more precise)

The Truth Is Under There….

Red oak

Tree Radar meets Ground Sucking Machine…

In another first for the company, the updated TreeRadar software, newly acquired by our affiliates at Lloyd Bore, was put to the test in Uden, Holland, in the first attempt of its kind to correlate what we see on the screens against what is the fact underneath the surface – a sort of factual way of presenting what the Tree Radar machine sees, without using CGI’d effects.We arrived in Holland to meet with Michiel Mol and others, of Terra Nostra, a Dutch consultancy .

Whilst Ian Lee, of Lloyd Bore, drove with the equipment, Sharon arrived at site to mark out the tree which would be subject of the survey, a 25m high Red oak.We carried out a series of concentric circular scan lines every 0.5m and analysed the results.  The next day the fine sandy soil was quite literally sucked up and blown away to reveal the roots in five accurately located pits.  We then compared the results of the scans with the actual root system that the machine and air spades revealed, and we are very pleased with the accuracy of the results.  The full details are being written up in a paper and more details about the publication of this document will be made available when it is complete.