Happy Birthday to ……………………….

Happy Birthday to……………..US!!


Well, doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? Seems like only yesterday that Sharon Hosegood jumped into the deep end with no floatation devices anywhere to be seen, and launched the company on the 26th January, 2015.
We have had some fascinating, challenging, and rewarding jobs in this first year.  As a fellow of the ICF and the Arboricultural Association, Sharon is busy attending and speaking at conferences, talks, and occasionally acts as the ICF representative at prize-giving ceremonies for the new talent waiting to enter the industry. Whilst also having Expert Witness status, her ability to create solutions where none seem to exist is integral in creating a point of difference for this company and to the clients she represents.

Whilst some jobs are routine, some require a slightly different approach to achieve a successful result. Highlights include the BBC tree radar investigation of a large oak at Burghley with Dallas Campbell (the one where the radar stubbornly refused to play ball when the light was fading); the ongoing case of the ‘Medway hedge‘, the ‘Harlow wall‘, at least three cases of ‘I think you’d better get down here, Sharon‘, not to mention one of ‘...this is not an area where lone working feels good………’. 

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New technology in use by the company includes the excellent MyTrees tree mapping program, and the brand new TreeRadar software. The addition of ‘drones’ is currently under investigation, with the company trialling two at the time of writing. These all add to the arboricultural armoury, and SHA embrace the use of anything that helps to promote surveying in a more complete and accurate way.

 To all our clients, we’d like to say


And, although we never publicise our cases, we were asked to reproduce this by our client, to show his appreciation of a Tree Radar investigation carried out by Sharon at a property in Harlow:-

I just want to take this opportunity to thank Sharon Hosegood Associates for their help in resolving a main issue in a dispute which is the location, proximity and depth of tree roots in relation to our property.  When I requested the help of BBC Rip Off Britain I had no knowledge of tree root investigations.  Now I am surprised that it is not used more extensively, not to just help prove the existence of roots, but also to aide future planning of vegetation by organisations such as local authorities.  Thank you for your professional, balanced and expeditious assistance in this matter which is genuinely appreciated

Pauras Kolah, Harlow, Essex