Astrophysicist? Moi?

In what can only be described as a close encounter of the possibly paranormal kind, Sharon recently received an insight into what life may have been like had she achieved good enough grades to follow her first choice of career; that of Astro Physics. Now those of you who know her well will be rather surprised at this choice. I mean, heels on the moon?

And so it was that, at a recent gathering, a shy, retiring, and studious young man in the ‘Bletchley Park Code Breakers’ stratosphere of intelligence was engaged in a conversation with her, thinking, quite possibly that he was the luckiest person in the room, given that nobody else seemed to want to talk to him. Sharon, in full flow by now and putting the man at ease, explained how good it was that Brian Cox had raised the profile of Astro Physics by his media profile and was staggered by the young mans response as with a large degree of disdain and the raising of all three eyebrows, exclaimed:-

‘That’s PARTICLE physics, Brian Cox’……PARTICLE physics…….

and, inconsolable, he turned and left.

Good career choice for Sharon though…..