Sharon meets Paul McAneary in London

Sharon meets Paul McAneary for architect’s new premises launch

Sharon and ex-work experience student Rory Martin recently went to the grand opening of Paul’s finished offices in WC2 – here’s what Rory made of it all before the fizz started flowing……….

Rory Martin

`Thank you very much to Sharon Hosegood at Sharon Hosegood Associates LTD for inviting me to the Grand Opening of Paul McAneary Architects. I am currently studying at the Oxford School of Architecture, the same School of Architecture Paul studied for his degree,so it was great to have the chance to chat and discuss experiences and stories with someone who had come out of the same Architecture school. It was fun to swap stories with Paul McAneary about his time at the school and couldn’t help but be inspired by the stories of his experiences once he had left. It was a lovely evening, with live music and free champagne, a great chance see where my studies can take me. The projects that the firm have worked on, displayed at the opening and more, made me excited for future projects and making the move from degree to working in practice

DSC_0794see Paul’s website here