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The Tree Lady, Sharon Durdant-Hollamby, talks all things trees, nature, outdoor spaces and well-being to fascinating people from all walks of life.

Trees,People & The Built Environment 4

The Tree Lady Talks  - - to Ed McCann

Ed is a civil engineer and graduate of Imperial College. He has a Masters Degree in Hydraulic Engineering from the Universidad National Autonoma de Mexico.

He is a Vice President of the Institution of Civil Engineers which is now 200 years old and has a global membership of 92,000 professionals.

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Trees,People & The Built Environment 4

The Tree Lady Talks  - - to Yvonne Lynch

Yvonne is an urban greening and climate resilience strategist and advises governments internationally on urban greening. Yvonne is currently collaborating on the development and implementation of Green Riyadh with the Riyadh Development Authority. Green Riyadh aims to create 3300 new parks and gardens, and to plant 7.5 million trees by 2030.

She has advised local and state governments around Australia, having led the City of Melbourne’s Urban Forest and Ecology team for several years, and internationally on how to green cities and adapt to extreme climate conditions. She is impact focused and helps governments to accelerate policy change and implementation. Click below for the relevant links.

Institute of Chartered Foresters TPBE4 page

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Yvonne Lynch

Tree Establishment Methods

The Tree Lady Talks  - - to Howard Gray of Green Blue Urban

Howard has travelled extensively for the past few years, educating and presenting superior tree establishment methods to wide audiences from many different disciplines. Widely recognised as a passionate urban tree enthusiast within the UK.

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Around The World In Eighty Trees

The Tree Lady Talks  - - to Jonathan Drori CBE

An experienced chairman, trustee and adviser, Jon helps organisations to develop strategy, drive performance and engage new audiences with services that they'll value. He is unusual in bridging disparate fields; public engagement and outreach, education, governance, technology, media, science and culture, and in being able to make valuable, senior connections across them. 

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Global Tree Health 2

The Tree Lady Talks  - - to Henry Kuppen

Henry Kuppen is an arboricultural consultant from the Netherlands. He started his education in forestry and began his professional career as a tree surgeon at Copijn Tree Surgeons in 1983. In 1989 he won the Dutch national tree climbing championship. In 1994 he started his own arboricultural company in the south of the Netherlands with trees in the urban environment as working field. Based on his passion for culture influenced pleached tree monuments he then also started a pleached tree nursery. He specialised himself in pruning and forming historical shaped trees and has often been involved in the restoration of these monuments. 

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Henry Kuppen

The Woodland Trust

The Tree Lady Talks  - - Woodland Trust Special

Woodland Trust Website



Stand Up For Trees

Darren Moorcroft - CEO

Darren has been responsible for: the Trust’s acquisition strategy – growing the estate to c29,000 hectares across the UK; expanding our woodland creation with schools, local communities and partners to over 4 million trees/annum; and our restoration of over 2,000 ha/year of ancient woodlands. He now leads the UK’s largest woodland nature conservation charity, with over 500,000 members and supporters. Read Darrens 2019 Biog here

John Tucker - Director of Woodland Creation

Chartered forester with 40 years experience of multi purpose forestry, John has  worked for Woodland Trust in a variety of forest management roles since 1994 and for the last 11 years have focused on woodland creation work with farmers and landowners across the UK. He has held a variety of technical committee appointments including CLA Forestry Committee, FC Regional Advisory Committee and the FC Woodland Carbon Task Force.

His proudest achievement has been to play a small part in reconnecting farmers with trees and foresters with farmers.

Joe Coles - Urban Programme Leader

Joe leads the Woodland Trust’s Urban programme in the UK, encouraging residents and Local Authorities to protect and enhance the urban forest for the environment, people and nature. With a background in Environmental Science, Landscape Architecture, nature conservation and sustainability, he draws on his experience of civil service and council employment to help facilitate collaboration between citizens and governing bodies. “With a greater understanding of the benefits of trees to environment and society, and respecting the passion people have for them, we can ensure the future of our urban landscapes are greener and more sustainable”

David Rose - Farmeco Chairman

Chairman of Farmeco Community Care, a community benefit society, a separate business that rents land and buildings from the main farm. Its core purpose is to reconnect people with land, food and the environment. Read David's full biog here.

Woodland Trust
Darren Moorcroft
John Tucker
Joe Coles
David Rose

Global Tree Health

The Tree Lady Talks  - - to Dr David Coyle

Dr. David Coyle is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Forestry and Environmental Conservation at Clemson University.  His Extension Forestry program focuses on forest and tree health and invasive species management in forests and managed landscapes across the Southeast. Previously, Dave ran the Southern Regional Extension Forestry – Forest Health and Invasive Species program, which provided hands-on training, electronic resources, and other services pertaining to management of native and invasive forest insects, plants, and diseases to forestry professionals throughout the southeastern U.S.

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Growing an Enviromental Consultancy

The Tree Lady Talks  - - to Pete Wharton Pete Wharton, founder of Wharton Natural Infrastructure Consultancy, a multi-disciplinary business. Sharon and Pete discuss what it's like building a business through an economic crisis, people management in unprecedented times of furlough, and virtual team-building, including Zoom meetings and managing staff mental health through difficult periods during this pandemic. A fascinating insight from one of the industry's leading professionals. Follow Pete on :- Facebook: @WhartonNIC Instagram: @Wharton_nic LinkedIn: @Whartonnic Twitter: @WhartonNIC

Trees in Art & Literature

The Tree Lady Talks  - - to Dr James Canton, Stephen Taylor, Dr Gabriel Hemery, and Irina Antonets.

Dr James Canton, Author of 'The Oak Papers'.

James Canton has taught the MA in Wild Writing at the University of Essex since its inception in 2009, exploring the ties between literature, landscape and the environment. He is the author of Ancient Wonderings: Journeys into Prehistoric Britain and Out of Essex: Re-Imagining a Literary Landscape, which was inspired by his rural wanderings in East Anglia. He has reviewed for the Times Literary Supplement, Caught by the River and Earthlines. He has also appeared on television and radio and regularly gives talks and workshops. He spent two years sitting with and studying the ancient Honywood Oak. A colossus of a tree, it would have been a sapling when the Magna Carta was signed. Inevitably he needs to slow down in order to appreciate it fully, to tune in to its slower time frame, to connect with the ecosystem that lives around it, inside it and beneath it. Contact James via Twitter: @jamescanton Instagram: @jrcanton1 Website: 

Stephen Taylor, Author of 'Oak: one tree, three years, fifty paintings'.

Extract from Stephens website (click here to view):-

In the 90's he reorganised his career to focus on landscape. Between 1999 and 2007 he worked exclusively in a single field in North Essex, which yeilded two exhibitions, at King's College, Cambridge 2002 and Vertigo, Shoreditch, London, 2006. The shows demonstrated what concerted attention to a single place could offer contemporary art. There is an extened account of the oak project and artist in chapter six of Alain de Botton's  The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work, Penguin 2009. The story is also told in the artist's own book "Oak: one tree, three years, fifty paintings", Princeton Architectural Press, 2011.

Dr Gabriel Hemery 

Dr Gabriel Hemery is an author, tree photographer, and silvologist (forest scientist). He co-founded an environmental charity for which he is currently the Chief Executive, the Sylva Foundation. Gabriel has written several books, both fiction and non-fiction, and his next work will be a guide to the forests of Britain. He appears regularly in the media talking about trees and the environment, and runs a popular tree blog at

Irina Antonets  Designer, Artist,Illustrator and creator of the Humanum Lignum project

Extract from Irina's website Humanum Lignum

Despite getting her bachelors in industrial design, Irene always felt the need to express herself as an artist. She's been creating artworks in different countries and then continued her education with Masters in Future Design at Prague College in Prague. In autumn of 2019 she had her first personal exhibition '' Lost in Nature '' where she presented her artworks, most of them the result of her research of small and unique organisms under the microscope. Musical extracts from Irina on this podcast are here in full on her Instagram account - @irene_antonez, her art account found here @irene_antonez_art, and Humanum Lignum Instagram account @humanum_lignum, not forgetting her  You tube channel . We wish her every success!


Trees & Design Action Group (TDAG)

The Tree Lady Talks  - - to Sue James,AA Dipl RIBA Chartered Architect about TDAG. Sue James trained at the Architectural Association and worked in private practice in West Wales. In parallel she has provided consultancy services with a focus on the public realm and is a founding member of the Trees and Design Action Group. She has also advised Ecobuild (now Futurebuild) on content for the conference and seminar programme for many years. Click here for the TDAG website  
Sue James AA Dipl RIBA Chartered Architect

Tree Aid

The Tree Lady Talks  - - to Shireen Chambers MBE, Georges Bazongo, & Bell Martin about Tree Aid.

Shireen Chambers MBE

Studied forestry and soil science at Bangor University before embarking on a career overseas, working with the Government of the Bahamas to set up a new forestry department in the 1980s. She returned to the UK to work with the Central Scotland Forest and continued as a practitioner in community and urban forestry throughout the UK. Non-executive board appointments have included Macaulay Land Use Research Institute, Forest Research, Forestry Commission’s Regional Advisory Committee for Mid-Scotland (Chair), Edinburgh Green Belt Trust and she was a member of the Independent Panel on Forestry in 2012. Shireen was appointed chair of TREE AID board of trustees in 2017.

Georges Bazongo

Started as the Director of Operations in July 2020 having previously been TREE AID’s Director of West Africa Operations. Georges has more than two decades of experience in national and international organisations like FAO/Ministry of Environment Project, ORGANIC and Self Help Africa. His areas of expertise are sustainable agriculture, natural resource management, agroforestry, land tenure management, crop value chain development and smallholder’s organisational development.

Time to Grow:

Our Impact film:

A solution to the climate crisis:
Awa’s story:

Bell Martin

Cycled the North Coast 500 and is raising a ton of cash for the TREE AID cause - donate and get involved by clicking here to go to the Just Giving donation page!

James Ogilvie BA, MA (Oxon), MSc (Oxon), CEnv, FICFor

James' 40 year forestry career includes leading roles in all elements of sustainable forest management: economic, environmental and social. He has headed up England’s largest lowland and upland forests; lead grants & licenses and social forestry policy for FC Scotland; was President of the Institute of Chartered Foresters and spent two years in community forestry in Africa. He has a perspective on the world that’s only shared by a select few; he has been at the summit the highest mountains on all seven continents. Now a Woodland Trust non-executive director, the Edinburgh-based chartered forester and author has a suitably big vision for the future of trees, woods and forests.

Tree Aid Georges Bazongo
Bell Martin Fundraising map
James Ogilvie at Everest

Vikki Bengtsson & Xander Johnston

The Tree Lady Talks  - - to Xander Johnston & Vikki Bengtsson

Vikki Bengtsson is an ecologist and has worked professionally with nature conservation since 1992. Up until 2003, she worked in England and now works primarily in Sweden. Vikki has worked throughout her career with issues relating to practical management and restoration of ancient trees and wood pastures. She also trains arborists, landscape architects, site managers and planners in the care and management of ancient trees. She was project manager for the European VETree and VETcert projects developing training and a certification system for veteran tree professionals across Europe.

Xander ‘AntBoy’ Johnston, a young naturalist, currently at high school, who specialises in wood ants and rare and endangered invertebrates found in the Scottish highlands. Xander has recorded over 800 hours volunteering in the last 4 years, and has become a respected expert in the field of entomology. Xander shares his knowledge and his passion for conservation by creating videos for his YouTube channel ( He has also appeared on a number of occasions on national TV, including the BBC watches, Countryfile and Blue Peter, helping to highlight the importance of insects to the nation. Xander strongly believes that “Insects are the foundation of the ecosystem, without them nothing would survive, including us!” 



The Tree Lady Talks  - - to Cecil Konijnendijk & Johan Ostberg, founders of the  Nature Based Solutions Institute (NBSI)

Discussing ways to ensure that nature is at the heart of urban areas, this podcast covers the work of the NSBI.

Cecil Konijnendijk has been an urban forestry researcher, educator, advisor, and speaker for over 25 years. His passion has taken him to different parts of the globe. Cecil’s publications have included books such as ‘The Forest and the City: the cultural landscape of urban woodland’ and the Routledge Handbook of Urban Forestry. He co-founded the scientific journal ‘Urban Forestry & Urban Greening’ and was also a key force behind the annual European Forum on Urban Forestry. Since 2016 has been a professor of urban forestry at the University of British Columbia, Canada. This summer he relocated to Barcelona and set up the Nature Based Solutions Institute together with Johan Östberg.

Johan Östberg is an associate professor at the Department of Landscape Architecture, at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Alnarp, where he´s been working since 2007. Johan has a M.Sc. in Landscape Planning from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (2008), a PhD in Landscape Planning also from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (2013) and has been working as a researcher and teacher since 2014.

Apart from his academic career he is also an ISA Certified Arborist and active as a consultant, where he is running a consultant networking comprising of consultants from a different profession, working together to create management plans for larger tree populations in Sweden.

Cecil Konijnendijk
Johan Ostberg


Featuring three specialists and including contributions from members of the public:-

  • Matilda Van Den Boscha trained physician and a PhD in landscape planning and public health. Currently, she is an assistant professor at The University of British Columbia in Canada with a joint appointment between the Faculties of Medicine and Forestry. She is the primary editor of the Oxford Textbook of Nature and Public Healthpublished by the Oxford University Press in 2018. Click here for the link to her published paper.
  • Dr Punam Krishandoctor, life coach and writer currently working as an NHS GP in Glasgow.  Senior clerical lecturer at the University of Glasgow. Trustee and Glasgow regional director for the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine. Click here for more about Punam.
  • Clare Olver, Programmes Manager,Mersey Forest. Clare has been involved in land management for over 25 years, and having worked previously in the private sector, has wide-ranging experience of strategic land regeneration. Clare has an extensive knowledge of partnerships, organisations and landowners across North West England, and is a key player in delivery of the Northern Forest.  Click here for more information on the work at the Mersey Forest.





Richard began his career in residential development with Try Homes in late 2006.  Following the acquisition of Linden Homes, Richard remained with the business until January 2009 taking up a land buying position with Banner Homes.  Having progressed within the Banner Homes business up until the CALA Homes acquisition in March 2014 and beyond, Richard setup and established Landvest in April 2015. Landvest has grown significantly over the past 5 years and we now have sites under contract or in the planning system totalling over 1,000 units. Thus includes projects in Leyton (500 units), Nazeing (250 units) & Crews Hill, Enfield (600 units). We are a small bespoke developer, promoting a range of mixed-use and residential-led schemes and we provide a development consultancy function for several retained clients.


Lacey Rose grew up on the 53° N parallel in Labrador, Canada. Graduating from the University of New Brunswick in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in Forestry, Lacey has been a Registered Professional Forester in Ontario since 2008. Lacey’s work experience has ranged from working on tree plants in the Boreal forest, to writing a forest management plan for 250,000 hectares of Crown forest in the Great Lakes St. Lawrence forest, to hands-on managing a small, community forest landbase. Outside of these roles, Lacey is a councillor for the Ontario Professional Forester’s Association, Co-Founder of Women in Wood, and the host of a web-series titled “Mighty Jobs”. Otherwise, you will find her gardening, paddleboarding, ice fishing, or camping in the interior of Algonquin Park.



Mima Letts is the Assistant Forester on the Chatsworth Estate in Derbyshire and also the Founder and Director of Tree Sparks. Mima studied Forestry at Bangor University after stumbling across the course when trying to work out what to do after school. When Mima discovered the diverse and wonderful profession which is forestry, she was determined to share it with the world, starting Tree Sparks to try and promote forestry careers to young people and the world! In her spare time, Mima is an absolute Lego fanatic and is currently working on recreating Chatsworth House in lego form.

Here is the link for the IWD film :



Jon Ryan is the Arboricultural Manager for Islington Council, where he has worked since 2008. He has thirty years' experience working in arboriculture, starting as a grounds man in 1989, working as a tree surgeon for 17 years until deciding to become a tree officer. Jon is a member of the Executive Committee of the London Tree Officers Association and chairs the planning working party. He has presented at conferences and seminars on urban tree management and will talk to anyone who'll listen about trees. Jon is interested in public engagement, promoting tree officers as a profession and improving urban tree management.

For the link to the urban tree cover that Jon references, click here.

For the Treeconomics reports, click here.




'..........the management of trees has to be properly funded. We need a clearer career route and ensure that tree officer-ship and tree management for local authorities is properly funded'.







John Parker is Technical Director at the Arboricultural Association, where he has worked since August 2019. He has more than ten years of experience in public sector tree management and from 2012-2019 was a member of the Executive Committee of the London Tree Officers Association, which he Chaired in 2016-18, and until 2019 was a Director of the National Association of Tree Officers. John is a member of the European Forum on Urban Forestry (EFUF) International Steering Group and is a Chartered Environmentalist and Chartered Arboriculturist. He frequently presents at national and international conferences such as EFUF, the National Tree Officers Conference, the ICF International Conference and the European Arboricultural Council and has delivered a TED Talk entitled Why trees are better than people (available on YouTube). In 2018 he was named Young European Urban Forester of the Year. John is interested in public engagement, green equity and promoting the benefits of trees, with particular consideration for their social and cultural value.

Here are the links to the papers John referred to

Lorien Nesbitt at the University of British Columbia (Canada) and Nanamhla Gwedla at Rhodes University (South Africa).

The links to their ResearchGate profiles are here:


''s not JUST about chucking trees in the ground, it's about looking after those trees as well'.