CAVAT Day great success!

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Another great success for Chris Neilan and CAVAT!  The first event of the year, held at FirstSite in Colchester, was sold out within a few weeks of going on sale and the 20 delegates, from the private and public sector, enjoyed good weather for another day of essential training with in-depth analysis of CAVAT, and practical field work in the magnificent surroundings of Castle Park. Sharon Hosegood and Luke Faye discussed their forthcoming Canopy and CAVAT valuations of development sites over years, projecting forward existing and new planting. A document on this will be circulated soon.

For those who missed this course, more are planned but take note, the next date, on the20th June, is booked already, so if you'd like to be placed on a cancellation list, let Noel at SHA know as soon as possible.

2nd CAVAT Course details June 20th 2019

Due to the popularity of the first CAVAT course, now sold out, we have arranged for a second course to take place at the same venue, FirstSite, in Colchester. Date is Thursday, June 20th,  and there are a limited number of places left already so if you are interested in booking please contact us as soon as you can. Discounted price for tree officers at £120 +VAT, all others £150 +VAT.

New Radar affiliation announced with Lloyd Bore

Lloyd Bore On Board As SHA Gets Back On The Radar

We are absolutely delighted to be able to announce our new affiliation with Lloyd Bore Landscape and Ecology Services, based in Canterbury. Sharon was contacted by long-term friend and one-time colleague Ian Lee, a very respected arboriculturist, with the news that Lloyd Bore were purchasing the latest Tree Radar equipment, making them the first in the UK with the upgrade. With the news that Gary Raffel below, of Dynamic Tree Systems based in Bloomfield, New York, was arriving to conduct the training on the new equipment, we met up and discovered that, over three days of training, many improvements have been made to the software application, not least the replacement of the old computer module replaced with a tablet (and wireless, to boot), whilst we also introduced Gary to some English pleasantries, which included a ‘pub’ which was older than America, on a street which was also older than America. Thanks Gary for taking that in the spirit in which it was intended!

Gary adjusts his tartan Tam’o’Shanter before demonstrating the new equipment
for the first time ever on UK soil

 Gary Raffel


Lloyd Bore, in association with SHA, is keen to offer this improved version of the equipment to as many clients as possible. Having worked with Ian on the earlier version, the doors of Lloyd Bore were opened to SHA in December for a detailed run through which everybody thoroughly enjoyed.
It would be fair to assume that the ‘Queen of the well-heeled arbs’ had a lovely time, and is working with the new equipment in liaison with Lloyd Bore, and thoroughly looking forward to the new setup, whilst also helping in the CPD of another arboriculturist consultant, Jo, who is learning the technology.
To say nothing of the fact that Canterbury is a damn site nearer haute-couture in Paris than Chelmsford is.


‘Twas the night before polling………….

Architects, trees, and the law.

Yes, ’twas indeed the night before polling day, as millions of frantic-faced students toiled late into last orders to fulfil their promises to parents to get swath hard, and get into the university of their choice. And fresh faced politicians all over the land wondered whether the term ‘lost deposit‘ was ever going to apply to their career in Westminster……..

In other news, though, Sharon was extolling some new ideas of her own to eager ears at the Royal Institute of British Architects, and even though it was slap-bang at the sharp end of exam time, they found their way to the lecture hall to be educated on what the term ‘TPO’, and ‘Tree Radar’ may mean to their building dreams of the future.

With an age range spanning the decades, it was nice to see so many well-learned people hearing something about which they know little, and it just went to show that there is a lot to be learned from these lectures. And afterwards, at question time, Sharon was asked a few questions she hadn’t had before, so everybody benefitted. Here’s looking forward to the next time with our friends at the Anglian Ruskin University, Chelmsford.