Sharon BBC 1, Tree Radar, Monday October 5th

Rip-Off Britain

Sharon recently advised on ‘what did what’ to effect a crack in a wall. A five year battle has been raging….can she shed some light on it with the ground breaking equipment? Following hard on the heels of the recent ‘Britain Beneath Your Feet’ series where Sharon revealed the rooting environment of one of the Burghley oaks, tune in and find out what Britain’s favourite tree lady makes of the latest challenge, originally aired on Monday, October 5th, BBC1, Rip-Off Britain, (and now on BBC IPlayer), with ‘our Gloria’, Julia, and Angela.

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Britain Beneath Your Feet, BBC 1 July 2 8pm

They say timing is everything. And so it is  tonight, when Dallas and Sharon discuss the 440 year old oak which she subjects to a tree radar investigation in Britain Beneath Your Feet, BBC 1, 8pm.

This time slot means that Wimbledon has finished live coverage, dinner will be decently over and digested, and the chaise-longue will beckon you for a one hour investigation into all that goes on underground.

Even if, (which I’ll allow), you put it on the planner, or you record it via whatever technology you may have, it should be a great watch.

You’ll never look at the ground around your trees in the same way again.

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