SHA Film of the Major Oak here

The SHA Major Oak Film

Following the recent Major Oak Tree Radar survey, the film produced by this company is now available on the site. Much information will be provided about the rooting environment with the analysis now in progress, so keep a watch out for details. #bbcspringwatch @BBCSpringwatch

BBC Springwatch crew ponder over the wide-shot that finished the feature

Gaining a Competitive Edge. Literally.

Fourth time lucky At Sherwood(?) and an International Conference to speak at!

All part of the daily routine, although this week will be far from it at SHA. Starting the week with the usual scheduling jobs that keep the admin bods going, all the very best of luck to Ian and Sharon who have prepared all week for their turn on the stage at the ICF International conference, where,naturally Sharon took the slogan at the top of the banner literally, and now there are two of her!Innovation for Change before hurtling down to East Midlands Airport to investigate the Major Oak, at Sherwood Forest on Friday. Hopefully it will be fourth time lucky for this job, as previous attempts were thwarted by snow, rain, and rain. Thankfully the catering truck hasn't run out of patience yet. Thanks to co-presenter and roving reporter for the week in Edinburgh Ian Lee, and to Allison Lock and all at the ICF for hosting the event, which is sold out!
Sharon Hosegood

Hatfield Forest Veteran Oak and Tree Radar

Hatfield Forest Tree Radar

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Another interesting Tree Radar job was undertaken for the National Trust at the beautiful location of Hatfield Forest yesterday, with Sharon and Ian meeting with Adrian Clarke, National Trust General Manager, and Henry Bexley, National Trust countryside manager,  to observe the technology surveying one of the veteran oaks. Another great opportunity to establish actual root protection areas over the capped 15m limit that applies to construction, the sun shone all day long and it actually felt like spring was in the air. Matthew Sapsford was in attendance to learn about the technique and thoroughly enjoyed a day seeing what it was all about.

With thanks and great appreciation going to Adrian and Henry, the results are currently being analysed.