International Arboriculture Summit, Hong Kong

This week, Sharon presented at the 11th International Arboricultural Summit in Sha Tin, Hong Kong.

It is a three day event with many topics covered, and Sharon presented on a variety of topics including tree root investigation, and trees and construction,

The speaker list was completed by Bryant Scharenbroch, Assistant Professor of Soil Science at University of Wisconsin – Stevens Pont and a Research Fellow of The Morton Arboretum; Paul Ries, Ed.D. Director of the Graduate Certificate in Urban Forestry Program at Oregon State University; Johan Ostberg, PhD, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU · Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management; Daniel Burcham PhD, Senior arboriculture researcher at the Centre for Urban Greenery and Ecology, National Parks Board (NParks), Singapore. Kent Honl, Board Certified Master Arborist through the International Society of Arboriculture and serves as Chief Training Officer for Rainbow Treecare, Minnesota,  Ian Robinson, Senior Arboriculture Consultant, Hong Kong, and David Evans, Director of VALID; a non-profit delivering training and guidance in tree risk-benefit assessment and management.

Amongst the fascinating subjects covered were soil science, load bearing capacity of trees from sonic tomograms, the disease triangle, and how to talk to trees.

Whilst in Hong Kong, there was time to take in the sights, and our thanks go to Don Picker for the excellent organisation of the week, and to all the staff at the IVE for their help. A fabulous dinner with all the speakers ended a memorable week, with new friends made and new exciting visits planned.

We are moving (again)

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Portrait of the Tree Exhibition

Sharon is delighted to have been asked, by Yvonne Alexander, founder of Jet TV, to join a small group of people and discuss their favourite tree. ‘A Portrait of the Tree’, a collection of works by renowned photographer Adrian Houston. The list of tree lovers includes Sir Richard Branson Goldie Hawn and Nick Mason (Official) who have imparted fascinating stories about their favourites, and Sharon chose the Major Oak, subject of the Tree Radar survey by this company which recently appeared as a feature on BBC Springwatch. The exhibition of stunning photography, including the Major Oak, will appear at Unit London’s new Hanover Square site, from the 17th to 28th September, so make sure to get along to the exhibition.  See the ICF promo of it here

SHA Film of the Major Oak here

The SHA Major Oak Film

Following the recent Major Oak Tree Radar survey, the film produced by this company is now available on the site. Much information will be provided about the rooting environment with the analysis now in progress, so keep a watch out for details. #bbcspringwatch @BBCSpringwatch

BBC Springwatch crew ponder over the wide-shot that finished the feature