Happy New Year to all our clients and associates!

Happy New Year!!

Well another year has steamrollered by, and it's time to thank all our marvellous associates, and clients, for making last year scoot along smoothly until hurtling inevitably into the buffers at midnight on December 31st.

In a record year for this company, Sharon has decided, as can be seen to the right, that eating on the hoof, (this lunch was finished on the way to East London - thanks Storm Eleanor), is a sure-fire way to gain extra seconds, but for heaven's sake don't tell her parents. They'd be horrified.  Sharon is often to be seen diving into a quick calorie filled feast before thinking outside of the next 'box' on her fascinating journey through the Arboricultural forest which is her career.

Congratulations to Super-Dad Ian Lee (a new addition to the Chartered Arboriculturist list at the ICF)our Principal Arb, and wife Kate,  the proud new owners of a baby girl, Sophie. Kate is currently doing all she can to get over the effort, whilst Ian is finishing building his house in the 1 hour a day he has spare. after looking after the team.  Kate, baby, and the house are doing well. Ian is, well, Ian.........

Whilst Noel feels like he's chugging along well enough, what with babies and catering there's hardly any time to get the CAVAT show on the road but trust me, it'll be a great day and you can book through the site today!


CAVAT Training Day with Chris Neilan

CAVAT is becoming established as an essential tool in any UK arboriculturist‘s toolkit.  It is now widely used to recover realistic replacement costs for damaged public trees, to help safeguard trees during development and as an asset management tool.

Are you confident that you can use CAVAT accurately and defensibly?  See the flyer for the event and details here.  Tickets are limited, so book early below via Paypal to guarantee your place.

Sharon Hosegood Associates Ltd is proud to announce that on Tuesday  13th February 2018 it will host a full day’s training in CAVAT by its author Christopher Neilan. The day has been carefully planned to give both new or experienced users confidence that they understand both the aims and uses of both methods. Chris will concentrate on the correct use of the Full method- including a guided practical group session. 

Light refreshments and lunch will be provided.  For more information contact Noel Durdant-Hollamby (SHA) 01245 608362, e-mail