Julian Forbes-Laird, Case Update!

JFL provides an update on the case featured in his earlier podcast And Another Thing,  explaining the successful outcome for his client: the prosecution was thrown out as an abuse of the process of the court, or, alternatively, because the prosecution related to an offence “unknown to law”. In a subsequent ruling, the Judge awarded JFL’s client a substantial six figure sum for costs. 

As a refresher, the original episode featured the following:-

  • Why the Ancient Woodland Inventory is a fake, and the hazard this creates for housing delivery
  • The error of law in the Forestry Commission's Operations Note 52
  • The fraudulently construed Highways England felling licence, knowingly granted by the FC in deliberate subversion of the statutory framework'

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Sharon to interview Kevin McCloud MBE FICFor (Hon)

Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Foresters, Kevin McCloud MBE FICFor (Hon), will join the ICF members hour on
the 17 February for an illuminating conversation with President, Sharon Durdant-Hollamby FICFor.

Kevin is a designer, environmentalist, author and BAFTA award-winning broadcaster, perhaps best known for hosting more than 200 episodes of the highly popular Grand Designs television series.

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Dr Frauke Bagusche, Author of ‘The Blue Wonder’ – Why the Sea Glows, Fish Sing, and Other Astonishing Insights from the Ocean

 Astonishing events occur beneath the sea: a mysterious glow beckons at night, the smallest organisms play the largest role, and fish, who seem so taciturn, converse with each other—loudly. 

 But we only know a fraction of the sea, despite its size and intrigue—even the moon’s surface has been studied more than the ocean’s depths.

In The Blue Wonder, marine biologist and diver Frauke Bagusche brings readers along with her into the ocean and offers solutions for the future.

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The Carbonator – Andrew Baker – The Woodland Carbon Code

On all your favourite platforms and at the  Tree Lady Talks website is Andrew Baker of the Woodland Carbon Code, telling all in this informative interview with Sharon about the UK situation with Carbon – sequestration, offsetting, and more. 

Affectionately known as 'The Carbonator', he is on a mission, and he knows what he's talking about! Andy recently joined the Woodland Carbon Code (WCC) team as their Woodland Carbon Markets Advisor. During his time at Tilhill he represented the ICF on the WCC Advisory Board, after achieving his professional membership in 2019. Working with landowners, investors and project developers, Andy now works to improve the wider understanding of the WCC, and to promote the myriad of benefits that it can afford.

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